Bari is one of the most beautiful places you can visit in Puglia, Italy. Bari is popularly known as Puglia's capital. Bari has everything - a gorgeous old town, traditional harbor, stunning beaches, thriving local food, stunning scenery views and much more. Please see below a detailed list of things we recommend you experience while on your vacation in Italy.

Best Things to Do:

Visiting the Old Town:

Though there are many impressive old towns in Italy, each of them has its characteristics and charm. The Bari Old Town is a close network of winding streets and historical buildings. A glimpse reflects the city's multicultural past. Get lost in the narrow alleyways and streets of this old town.

Checking Out Pizza Mercantile:

It is a commercial hub that has existed in Bari since the early 14th century. It is one of the city's historical treasures that you must experience. It's very near to the old town, so you do not have to make any extra efforts for traveling to this location. Local people of Bari choose this famous place to meet their friends and spend quality time together. There are many attractive cafes and shops that provide you cold beverages during hot summer days.

Uncovering History in Bari:

The famous archaeological museum featuring the ancient relics of an older church that was originally built on this site and Saint Sabinus are the top attractions. Bari holds 200 years of well-maintained history that attracts its tourists. From Roman roads to stunning mosaics, to heritage sites, everything here is extremely historical and quite fascinating. When visiting Bari, this museum is a top recommendation.

Walking the Bari lungomare:

As said above, Bari is a seaside Pugliese city and has its deep roots connected with the Adriatic Sea. If you want to understand its connection to the water, take an evening walk along this seafront boardwalk or choose the morning time to stop by the Old Port. You will get a chance to breathe in the crisp salty air and witness the amazing views of the Adriatic.

Places to Visit:

Basilica of Saint Nicholas:

It is a cathedral in Bari and one of the most beautiful places to visit. This cathedral holds its religious significance all over Europe; therefore, it is the most important pilgrimage resort among Italians. It has relics of Saint Nicholas’ shrine in Myra.

Teatro Petruzelli:

Built in 1903, this theatre is Bari's largest and Italy's fourth largest theater and it hosts various events and concerts. It’s beautiful design and decorations are the best paintwork of Raffaele Armenise. The two most popular debuts Iphigenie en Tauride and Bellini's I Puritani made Bari the most famous city in the world as they were never played again anywhere.

Swabian Castle:

The Castello Svevo here is known as Swabian Castle and is located in the Apulian city of Bari. This castle has undergone various transformations during the time of Angevin domination. The sea of Bari outlines the northern part of the castle. The castle now represents a museum to exhibit different forms of art. Do not forget to add this place onto your bucket list.

Lungomare Nazario Sauro:

One of the most famous tourist attractions is Lungomare Nazario Sauro, it offers a sublime atmosphere to sit back and take rest while admiring the cool breeze and views. This coastline destination gives you a glimpse to the whitewashed buildings and Bari architecture.

Famous Beaches:

The stunning coastline here provides an opportunity to witness amazing beaches. From a fun-filled trip to a relaxing day, there are many options for beaches depending on your vacation wants and needs. Bari beaches have their unique charm and a tale to tell. Pane e Pomodoro, Cala Paura, Lido San Francesco, Mola Di Bari Beach, Polignano a Mare Beach, Cala Porto Beach, Cala Paguro and Cala Cavallo are some easy-to-reach beaches. Since every beach has its own, individual enchantment and appeal, we highly recommend you experience all of them

Famous Hotels and Restaurants:

Finding a hotel in Bari is easy as this city offers plenty based on your comfort, needs, and budget. The Nicolaus Hotel, Hi Hotel Bari, Terranobile Metaresort, Mercure Villa Romanazzi Carducci Bari, Palazzo Calo, Terranobile Metaresort, iH Hotels Bari Oriente and Palace Hotel are some of the best hotels in Bari.
If you want savory experience, delectable taste and memorable dining location, choose any of the restaurants among Ristorante Biancofiore, PerBacco, Le Giare Ristorante, Ristorante Terranima, Ristorante La Locanda di Federico, Lievito Pizza e Dintorni, La Uascezze, Ristorante La Cecchina and La Bul.
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