Fun Cruise

Nassau has a blend of influences from different countries, like England as well as the United States and Haiti, making it one of the top cruise ports in the Bahamas. From Blue Lagoon Island, Atlantis Bahamas Resort, Balmoral Island, Junkanoo Beach to Paradise Island, Nassau Island has so much to offer during your fun charter. If you are thinking about booking a fun charter in this Bahamian Paradise, you must try these fun activities.

Fun Cruise - Tours and Trips

  • Pig Beach Charter: Cruise off the coast (approximately 3-4.5 hours) out of Nassau aboard your private yacht and tour Pig Beach. Swim and play withthe Exumas’s wimming pigs. When you are done feeding and spending time with the lovable pigs, enjoy the views of Exuma Cays from the waters.
  • Cabbage Beach Charter: Cruise over the turquoise waters to reach Cabbage Beach. Here, you can enjoy parasailing, relaxing and snorkeling.
  • Sail and Snorkel Charter: At Yacht Charters Nassau, we have a range of luxury yachts, fully equipped to cater to your charter. In this particular charter option, you can take advantage of our water toys and equipment to experience the Bahamas from underneath the Caribbean, we offersnorkeling, fishing, sailing, surfing, diving, etc.
  • SUB Underwater Scooter: If you don’t know what this is, don’t worry you will be able to experience it first-hand in the pristine waters of Nassau. We will help and guide you on how to ride a submersible scooter so you can experience the beautiful reef formations under the waterand see firsthand, how marine life thrives here.
  • Balmoral Island Charter: We will take you to the white sandy beaches of Balmoral Island. You will be able to see the docile stingrays that swim not far from the shore here.
  • Atlantis Paradise Island Charter Atlantis Paradise Island is a unique resort destination that features the world's largest open-air marine habitat. Here, you can see and meet 50,000 marine animals and 250 marine species, go to 14 lagoons, play with sea lions, or ride a waterslide through a shark habitat.

Fun Cruise with Yacht Charters Nassau - What You Get

When you book one of our luxury yachts for a fun charter, you won’t have to worry about anything, from the accommodations, water activities, beverages, food and entertainment. We offer crewed charterthat have a professionally trained crew who will take care of your needs, from dietary requirements to water excursions. You will also receive an experienced captain who knows the water of Nassau very well and can take you to some of the beautiful places in the Bahamas.

With vibrant beaches, beautiful weather and amazing marine life, we highly recommend youto explore Nassau, Paradise Island and its surrounding islands. Contact us or Call our charter specialist at +1(702)816-6667 and book your fun charter now!