Located on the western coast of the Sicily Islands, Marsala is a town with a huge population (approximately 82,000) in the province of Trapani. It is popularly known as the fifth largest town on the island. Marsala was the original landing site of the Italian general, patriot, and republican - Giuseppe Garibaldi. The town has a great deal to offer its travelers as it has various beaches, historical sites, nearby islands, beautiful panoramic views and much more. The beaches of Marsala are known as the most relaxing beaches as they have various restaurants, bars, clothing boutiques, boats and more. Please see below, our top recommendations on what to do during your Marsala trip.

Top Attractions:

The Archaeological Museum of Marsala:

The Archaeological Museum of Marsala has its headquarters in the former rural farm Anselmo. This is one of the best museums that exhibits a range of archaeological finds. Each room reminds the viewer of the prehistoric period and the evidence that was found on the island of Mozia. One area is specific to the findings of Mozia during the times of the Carthaginian period. If you are a lover of history, the Carthaginian warship of the third century BC will surely entice you.

Kitesurf Spot:

It is the main spot of Sicily and located in the west side of the island. One can spot this location below the small village of San Leonardo - 15 minutes from Marsala. It is a huge bay protected by the closest islands.

Porta Garibaldi:

The town once used to have an impressive defensive network that included city walls and various opulent gates. Porta Garibaldi is one of those defensive complexes that have remained today. The gate is located very close to the main port on Via Scipione L'Africano. You can see a variety of decorations, Latin inscriptions and huge columns on one side of the gate.

Taking A Walk Along Lungomare Boeo:

This is a great place to walk on the southern coast of Marsala town. Here, you can enjoy an amazing stroll through beautiful gardens and a tree-lined promenade. Trees, flowers, golf courses, statues and monuments will turn your walk into an amazing experience.

Things to Do:

Scuba and Snorkeling:

Favignana is located off the coast of Marsala and known as the largest of the Aegadian Islands. Known for its multitude of caves and calcarenite rock formation, the island makes the perfect place for those who want to enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling due to its clear waters. The town of Favignana is a great place to explore aboard your private charter.

Tasting the Wine of Excellence:

The wine industry has helped in Marsala's economy. Available novel in flavor and delicate in scent, the wine is aged in precious wooden barrels of Marsala. Marsala wine is a must-try thing during your visit.

Best Beaches:

Marsala is called the "Port of God" for its amazing range of beaches and incredible ocean views. The view seems to be a corner of paradise. Some of the beaches in Marsala are free beaches and partly equipped with lounge chairs. They make a perfect choice for bathing establishments.
Beach of Alcamo Marina is a long sandy beach that stretches itself for about 3 kilometers and makes itself a historic location for vacationers from across Italy. Some other popular beaches are the following; Punta Tramontana, San Teodoro, Beach Marausa, Lido Signorino,. Do not forget to explore the most beautiful gem (which is its’ beaches) of Marsala.

Best Hotels and Restaurants:

There are many hotels in Marsala that offers luxury accomadations along with exclusive benefits at affordable prices. From suite to junior suite to quadruple, these hotels have all types of rooms to suit your needs. Most hotels give you amazing views of the coasts and their private beach and beach clubs. Some of the best places that remain busy during the peak season in Marsala are- Disìo Resort, Hotel Carmine, Agriturismo Baglio Donnafranca Wine Resort, Hotel Baglio Oneto dei Principi di San Lorenzo, Baglio Villa Sicilia, Baglio Spanò, Dimora dell'Olivastro, Grand Hotel Palace, Delfino Beach Hotel, Baglio Basile Hotel, Hotel Tempo di Mare and Cave Bianche Hotel.
Finding the best food can be tricky especially while traveling abroad. However, you do not need to worry about that when you are in Marsala. Here, you can enjoy the best food in some very popular restaurants like Taverna Quarant8, Pizzeria Cellarius, La Corte dei Mangioni, Le Isole Ristorante, Acqua in Bocca, Osteria Siciliando, Le Lumie Ristorante, SLO San Lorenzo Osteria, Assud Mozia, Ristorante I Bucanieri, Bar Ristorante Da Saro and Enoteca della Strada del Vino di Marsala. Each of the restaurants allows hungry travelers to enjoy authentic cuisine.
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