Portoferraio is a stunning, picturesque town that serves as Elba island's principal port and its largest town. The place gives you access to various unique views and many beach/ water activities. A large part of the island is easily accessible on your private charter. We highly recommend you include Portoferraio on your Italy vacation itinerary.
The surrounding landscape of lush hills, old churches, medieval forts, atmospheric bars and various other wonderful features increase the intrinsic value of this island. Even after hundreds of years, Portoferraio maintains its renaissance beauty. If you are starting to plan your Italy itinerary, do not forget to add Portoferraio. The place is well worth a visit.

Top Attractions:

The Old Town:

The Old Town of Portoferraio is almost like stepping into a time machine and going back to the 1500’s. Totally enclosed behind the fortified walls and ancient streets, the history here is an integral element of its pastel-colored buildings. A glimpse will send you into medieval times, its alley, walkways, portray and fortify the existence of that particular era.

Front Stella:

Fort Stella refers to two different towers - Fort Falcone and the Linguella Tower. Standing in the shape of a star, the fort stands approx. 49 meters on the second hill. The fort looks over the town of Portoferraio. Fort Stella was built in 1548 by Cosimo I Grand Duke of Tuscany for a defensive strategic purpose to defend Cosmopoli. The plaque, on the other hand, is in the memory of the time Cosmopoli was given back to the Grand Duke Ferdinand III Lorena in 1815.

Vacationing Spots:

The vast majority of the principal treasures of the town lie within the fortified walls of its ancient old town. If you want to cover most of the popular tourist locations, you can start your day early as they all are situated within a walking distance from each other.

The Medici Forts:

You have to pass through a gate - Porta a Mare - to enter the old town. When you enter, you can explore the linked medieval forts that dominate the area and together form the nucleus of an ancient stronghold. The fort was built with an intention to defend the town from both landward and seaward attacks.

Best Beaches:

Portoferraio is said to have the best beaches in the whole world. If you are visiting the island with your children, explore Delle Ghiaie, Scaglieri and Forno. These beaches are easily accessible and equipped with all essential services.
Sansone beach, Padulella beach, Forno beach, Cala dei Frati and Delle Ghiaie beach are some best options that you can explore to experience the stunning coastline here. These beaches are different in terms of amenities and all offer something uniquely different.

Best Hotels and Restaurants:

From fantastic amenities to impressive services, luxury hotels in Portoferraio are more than just accommodations. These hotels improve their tourists' overall holiday experience. Some of the best hotels that top in the list of extravagance resorts are- Hotel Hermitage, Hotel Villa Ottone, Hotel Biodola, Hotel Airone del Parco&delle Terme, Hotel Fabricia and Resort Le Picchiaie. These hotels reside in a beautiful panoramic locations and most of the hotels have their own restaurants right on the beach.
Are you a food enthusiast? If yes, Portoferraio is the best place for you. The town heartily welcomes people to try their unique and delicious cuisine. Bistro & Wine Bar, Ristorante Da Gianni, La Tana del Falco, Trattoria Pizzeria Del Borgo, Osteria Pepenero, Ristorante Da Giacomino, Molo G Osteria Portuale, Le Viste Ristorante, Enoteca Gustavino, Ristorante Pizzeria La Carretta, L'Acqua Cheta Osteria Elbana and Agriturismo Montefabbrello are some of the best restaurants that can satisfy your craving for delicious food.
Elba is one of the largest islands in Italy and Portoferraio is an amazing part of it. We highly recommend you schedule one or two days to visit this gem of an island. Occupied since ancient history, it was one of the ruling states of Romans, Etruscans and Saracens. The island is literally sprinkled with ancient treasures.
This stunning island gives you access to the most beautiful beaches, amazing fishing villages, adventurous water excursions and rock climbing, phenomenal food scene, rich culture, scenic views and much more. There are plenty of things to be discovered and experienced here on the island. We strongly recommend you explore the true essence of Elba Island.
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