Spend One Beautiful Day in Monaco - It Is Worth a Visit! If Geneva (Genoa) is in your bucket-list, we strongly suggest you visit Monaco as well. It is the second smallest country in the world and located near Genoa. Hop aboard your private yacht charter to get there. The 200-hectare area of Monaco gives access to some of the most extravagant sights in the world that allure many. It's French Riverian, tax-free status makes the country a must-visit place. On a size scale, you can compare this beautiful country with Las Vegas or Dubai. Here is how we recommend you spend one or two days in this stunning destination.

Best Things to Do:

Monaco is one of the most affluent spots in the world. Please see below, a couple of things we recommend you do while in Monaco;
  • Visit the Monte Carlo casino
  • Walk around Jardin Exotique
  • Visit the Monaco Cathedral
  • Formula One Race at Monaco Grand Prix
  • Watch a show at the Opera de Monte Carlo
  • Shop perfume, jewelry & other luxury goods
  • Spend some time visiting Casino Square
  • Watch a performance at Fort Antoine

Top Tourist Attractions:

Monte Carlo:

If you want to indulge yourself in a world where luxury is a way of life, explore Monte Carlo. The district is known for its’ glamorous atmosphere, mesmerizing beauty, stunning places, breathtaking seaside views and much more. Monte Carlo attracts the rich and famous because of its’ upscale status. From fashionable shopping streets to fine dining, to luxury accommodations, Monaco has everything.

Musée Oceanographique:

This building lies almost 90 meters above sea level. This dramatic setting of the museum and aquariums took 11 years to build. It has the world's most renowned marine science and oceanography. It consists of rare species of fish and marine life in magnificent colors and shapes.

Palais Du Prince:

It is the home to the first-born monarchy in the world. Originally built in the 13th century, this location provided panoramic views for defensive purposes in the Middle Ages. The building is open to the public for a specific time of the year, please check availability prior to going there. The Blue Room, Mazarin Room and Throne Room of the building have their own lavish story to tell.

Les Jardin Saint-Martin:

We highly recommend you visit Les Jardin Saint-Martin garden while you’re near the Musee Oceangraphique. The garden has Prince Albert's statue - the famous marine researcher. It stretches itself along the coast around the peninsula and contains a steep cliff that faces the sea. The garden displays exotic species and vibrant flowers that become ever more beautiful under the Mediterranean sunshine. Take some time to admire beautiful viewpoints, flowers, ponds, fountains and the gorgeous scenery of the garden.

Beautiful Beaches:

There are some amazing beaches near Monaco that would make your day. Great weather conditions and welcoming people make them even more amazing for tourists. The beaches near the country are mostly manmade and were made to provide travelers a glimpse of the Mediterranean Sea. These beaches are divided into two sections - private and public. The public section makes the perfect spot for a swim in the Mediterranean. Larvetto Plage, Marquet Beach, La Plage d'Eze Beach, Baie de Garavan Beach, Baie du Soleil Beach and Plage des Fossettes Beach, all make a gorgeous pick for the best experience.

Best Hotels and Restaurants:

From luxury hotels, boutique hotels to budget hotels, there is something for everyone. For a luxurious accommodation in this beautiful country, book your stay in any of these hotels- Hotel Metropole, Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort, Hotel Hermitage, Le Méridien Beach Plaza, Columbus Monte Carlo and Fairmount Monte Carlo. We also recommend you check out Port Palace, Hôtel de France, Le Quai des Princes and Hôtel de Paris.
For the best mealtime experience, you can spend your day on the beach, than afterward, close by, you can pick a nearby restaurant and enjoy delectable food. Le Louis XV Alain Ducasse, Brasserie Restaurant, Elsa, Le Grill De L'Hotel De Paris, Le Vistamar Executive, Joel Robucon Monte Carlo, La Marée Monaco and Zelo's Restaurant-Lounge-Bar are perfect for an unmatched dining experience. All these restaurants have various delicious dishes as the main appeal.
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