Piombino is an Italian town with 35,000 inhabitants in the Province of Livorno (Tuscany). Piombino is an important harbor of Tuscany because the town lies between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Ligurian Sea. It rises on the promontory, giving you access to the beautiful panoramic view of the Island of Elba.
Most of the tourist activities here are linked to the sea. There are many beaches in the area where boats and yachts connect the mainland to various islands of Sardinia, Corsica and the Tuscan Archipelago. So, if you are planning to visit Italy, Corsica, or Elba, plan a day trip to this amazing town that deserves to be visited.

Top Attractions of Piombino:

Piazza Bovio:

This is one of the most famous places in the town. Built on a rocky spur, it grabs the attention of many tourists. In the shape of a square, it features a large terrace overlooking the sea. From this special location, you can capture a panoramic view of the ocean and town.

Palazzo Comunale and Torre dell'Orologio:

The Palazzo Comunale of Piombino was built in 1444. During this year, the council of elders concluded to change their seat which was then known as “Palazzaccio” the building unfortunately does not exist now. While exploring, you will admire the Madonna, paintings of Prince of Piombino and the Grand Dukes of Tuscany. Right next to the Town Hall, there is a Clock Tower (Torre Dell’Orologio) which dates back to 1598.

Torrione and Revillino:

For many centuries, this beautiful town has been equipped with a range of many fortified structures, the Torrione and Revillino are important among them. Torrione was the ancient gateway to the city. The building is the only monument that dates back to the communal era and was built during 1200. Rivellino was constructed in 1447 and represents a powerful semicircular structure right near Torrione.


The Citadella was built during the XV century on the order of the Prince of Piombino Jacopo III Appiani. The Palazzo Principesco church and other buildings were used for the servants and the court. Chiesa della Cittadella makes a part of the walls and Palazzo della Corte which houses the Museo Archeologico del Territorio di Populonia.

Things to do Around Piombino:

Piombino is not as popular as other cities in Italy, but it makes a beautiful tourist destination which is worth a visit. There are plenty of unique things that you can do to explore this hidden destination.
Take a break for a day and relax in Piombino while exploring the charm of Baratti and Populonia Archeological Park, Buca delle Fate, Abbazia di San Galgano, Spiaggia di Baratti, Spiaggia Lunga (Cala Lunga), Promontorio Piombino and Torre medievale di Populonia e Rocca degli Appiani. Your trip will be incomplete without a visit to these unseen natural hidden gems of Piombino.

Best Beaches:

Sterpaia Beach:

It is a natural park by the sea in Tuscany and a preserved wildlife site with a few areas of sunbeds and parasols. The sand on this beach is light and there are many trees, making this beach a hotspot for tourism.

San Vincenzo:

It is a beautiful small coastal town that can tend to get overcrowded but if you go to the north or the south, you will see areas holding a Blue Flag.


Located in the south of San Vicenzo in Tuscany, Rimigliano is a wild beach, you can find many sand dunes here and the seawater is clear without waves. Since the depth starts right near the coastline, it is not a good place for small children. To the south of this beach, you will find Nido Dell’Aquila which is the only official nudist beach in Tuscany.


Follonica is a major town by the sea in Tuscany. This beach is a popular place for tourism, the Torre Mozza is the main attraction in the northern suburbs of the beach.

Best Hotels and Restaurants:

For a comfortable, classic accommodation at budget-friendly prices, book your stay with any of these- Hotel Moderno, Albergo Italia, Hotel Centrale, Hotel Est Piombino, Hotel Esperia, La Sorgente Resort and Appartamenti Marina Di Salivoli.
You can find a range of great Tuscany restaurants that serve food enthusiasts’ their best items and make them fall in love with the taste of Piombino. Some of the most reccomended restaurants are- Ristorante Baia Toscana, La Taverna di Populonia, Vito Cafe - Food and Drink, Yama il Lungomare, Riopizza, Ristorante Ristopub le Fate, 'OSTEria and ristorante La Baracchina.
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