One of the best reasons why so many travelers flock to Croatia is because of its beautiful coastline of the Adriatic Sea. The coastline here is recognized as the cleanest coastline in the world.

The warm and pleasant weather of the Croatia provides the perfect backdrop for an amazing vacation. In today's restless schedule, Croatia makes a wonderful and welcoming place that you should definitely visit in your lifetime. So, if you are done planning your Italy vacation, take some more time and visit this amazing small country with a wide array of things to do and places to explore.

You can hire a private yacht charter to take you from Italy to Croatia so you can add another beautiful experience during your vacation. Here's how you can make the most of your Croatia trip with well-organized information:

Exploring Croatia Dubrovnik:

Wandering in the beauty of this old town will offer you a wonderful experience. Take time to explore the iconic red-roofed houses and labyrinth of alleys. The town is known as the "Pearl of Adriatic". In just a short time, the old city has become an incredible sightseeing place. Rich history, historical attractions, iconic city walls, UNESCO World Heritage Site and the Game of Thrones tour will make your time here amazing.

Visiting Frozen Waterfall:

Apart from winter festivals and carnivals, there are many amazing things that will enhance your love for Croatia. Frozen waterfalls make a mesmerizing site in the country. Winter is one of the best times to visit the country as it gives amazing backdrops to its travelers.

Spending A Day in Sibenik:

The history of Sibenik makes it a hotspot for travelers. The city has survived many wars, waves, hot temperatures and strong winds over the centuries. The city is entirely built with stone. If you want to explore something unique, you should spend a good amount of time in this city.

Enjoying Maskare Festival:

The festival is also known as Croatia Carnival. Enjoying the festival during your trip is an awesome experience, the festival takes place every February. People from every region, village and cities participate in the spirit of Maskare. The festival reminds its’ locals of the century-old traditions of Croatia.

Places to Visit:


Is famous for a multitude of activities and events. Some of the most famous activities include film festivals, exhibitions, football festivals and fairs. Medvednica is a small mountain situated at the edge of the town. The best time to visit this breath-taking place is in October.

National Parks:

Croatia is home to 8 national parks that pull the attention of nature lovers. All these parks are renowned for their unique charm. You can also visit these parks to satisfy your desire for hiking and exploring in Plitvice National Park. No matter what park you visit, do not forget to take your camera for capturing these stunning views.


If you want to go back to Roman times, you should spend time In Split. This is the second-largest city in Croatia. This is the most historic destination to secure the charm of the old time. Don't forget to visit Palace of Diocletian- the city's beating heart.

Best Beaches to Explore:

Rat Beach:

Located on Brac Island, this beach is consistently titled the world's most beautiful and strangest beach. Zlatni Rat Beach is well-recognized for its long golden pebble tip that reaches the Adriatic Sea. Sometimes, the beach is also referred to as Golden Cape or Golden Horn Beach.


This tiny Croatian island is surrounded by the sand dunes and is the home to Spiaza beach. To reach the ocean from the sand bar, you would need to go about half a kilometer to find deep enough waters to swim in.

Lovrecina Bay

Sandy shores, translucent waters, a medieval church among olive groves enrich the beauty of the beach.

Other top beaches are Hvar, Krk, Zadar, Rovinj, Brac, Pula, Brela, Rab, Bol, Trogir, Baška, Opatija, Vis, Vodice, Lošinj and more.

Best Hotels and Restaurants:

Experience the glamor of Croatia by spending quality time in any of its’ amazing hotels. Some of the best-rated hotels are Villa Tuttorotto, Hotel Navis, Hotel Adriatic, Hotel Lemongarden, Esplanade Zagreb, Valamar Isabella Miramare, Grand Park Hotel Rovinj, San Canzian Village & Hotel and Amarin Family Hotel are famous for offering premium accommodation. These hotels set the standard of luxury to attract passionate travelers like you. These hotels have an elegant contemporary structure to deliver its travelers a peace of mind.

If you are a food enthusiast, you are going to have amazing experience in Croatia. This place will make you fall in love with the unique taste of cuisines here. Draga di Lovrana, Monte, Noel, Pelegrini, Restaurant 360, Konoba, Fetivi, Fosa, Apolon, Boskinac and Pantarul are some of the best places to enjoy flavorful local food.

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