San Marino

San Marino is a beautiful macro state surrounded by Italy's Emilia - Romangna and Le Marche regions. It has secured its name as the 5th smallest country in the world. According to many tourists, this stunning nation has much to offer - a interesting museum, delicious cuisine, picturesque views, spectacular vistas, fascinating history, enchanting culture and much more. Every year, San Marino draws the attention of travelers who love history and picturesque panoramas.
San Marino is perched on a mountain with amazing views of the Italian countryside. If you are planning your trip to Italy this summer, add this microstate onto your bucket-list for a stunning holiday experience. Your trip to San Marino can take approximately 24 hours and it will give you an amazing experience of visiting a new, tiny country.
San Marino is regarded as the world's smallest as well as the oldest republic. San Marino has everything within walking distance. Here's how you can perfectly plan your San Marino trip with zero hassle.

Things to Do:

Wandering for Beauty:

The architecture of this beautifully constructed country is a real visual treat. Yes, that's right. All buildings are constructed with the same kind of soft stone and many painted pastel shades that give these structures a fairytale-like feel. Many restaurants and cafes are draped in a beautiful hanging basket that reminds you of again, a fairytale like architecture.


San Marino is encircled by spectacular vistas and rolling hills that make this place a dream destination for most travelers. Don't forget to take your camera and capture the incredible views here. It is perfect for photography in the early morning and during its’ sunset when the golden light of the sun shines on the towers, streets and alleyways.

Visiting the Tiniest Stadium:

The national stadium in San Marino Old Town has the capacity for a few hundred people because the national sport of San Marino is the Cross Bow which doesn’t need a lot of space. San Marino competes with other countries at the small Nations Olympics.

Enjoying Sunsets:

Catching the sunset from the top of the second tower offers you an unforgettable experience. The sunsets here are something that you should not miss. You can enjoy unbeatable, unseen and unique views from each peak on the mountain where you will have a chance to visualize colorful, peaceful and brightly golden sunsets in San Marino.

Top Attractions:

Weird Museums:

San Marino has a weird and wacky museum to visit. There are plenty of weird museums to entertain their tourists, from the Vampire Museum, the Museum of Curiosity to the Museum of Torture, you will enjoy the weirdest museums here.

Three Towers:

Your trip to San Marino is incomplete if you don't visit the most famous three towers here. The first tower Guaita is the oldest tower and was built in the 11th century. The second tower is Cesta which was built in the 13th century and is now known as the house of the weaponry museum. The Third Tower is Montale which is very small in comparison to the others and was used as a prison rather than a fortress.

UNESCO's World Heritage:

Two main buildings here are listed as UNESCO's World Heritage Sites. The first is the historic center and the other is Mount Titano. Both of these sites are enjoyable and worth to steal some time from your hectic schedule. The view from Mount Tanito is specular and breathtaking.

Best Beaches:

If you want to add a little more charm to your holiday by exploring the best beaches near San Marino, do not hesitate to visit are Elba beach, Salento beach and Rimini beach.

Best Hotels and Restaurants:

One of the best things about San Marino is that it is one of the wealthiest countries in the world and is not expensive for the travelers that visit here. You can book a nice hotel room for two people for €99. For a luxury stay, you can grab great discounts as well. From luxury hotels, boutique hotels to budget hotels, you can have various options depending on your needs. Some of the best hotels in San Marino include Titano Suites, Hotel San Marino iDesign, Hotel La Grotta, Hotel Cesare and Hotel Rosa.
San Marino is a great country for foodies. You will love exploring different tastes of delightful food here. For the best dining experience step into any of these, Il Matterello, La Terrazza, Strapizzati, Smaller, Agli Antichi Orti, Ristorante Parco Verde, Ristorante Pizzeria Il Boschetto, Ritrovo dei Lavoratori, Hostaria da Lino, Il Ristorante Beccafico and Cantina di Bacco.
San Marino is a small country with a big personality. Located entirely within the borders of Italy, the microstate makes for an influential tourist location. This place has so much more to offer so, if you have finally made up your mind to visit this tiny little state, contact Yacht Charters Italy. We will take you to San Marino aboard a private charter so you can experience this tiny country at your own pace.