Porto Santo Stefano

Porto Santo Stefano bears a young and colorful history on its sleeves that makes people curious about it. The countryside of the city surrounds the seaside town which is spotted with citadels and towers. These buildings were built by the Spanish people so that they could keep an eye on their enemies and stay safe.
The relics of Porto Santo Stefano can be visited all year round. The locals of the town feel proud to be part of this city. They can be seen admiring their stunning sea panorama and culinary reputation. A little closer look at the town will help you find crumbling walls and ravaged corners that are reminders of the sufferings during the World War II, the wounds that the town received have not yet healed. Many other exciting things boast the charm of Porto Santo Stefano.
Porto Santo Stefano is the departure point for various ferries, yachts and cruises. If you are planning your trip near Giannutri Island or Giglio Island, you must take some time to explore the excellence of this place. Here is how you can make the most from your Porto Santo Stefano trip-

Top Attractions:

Spanish Fortress:

There is a beautiful fortress situated in a dominant position in the village. This fortress was built to control the port during the 17th century at the time of Spanish domination. There are permanent exhibitions in the building which are in perfect condition. From the terrace, you get a panoramic view to admire.

Monastery of Padri Passionisti and Punta Telegrafo:

From the road that connects Port Santo Stefano to Orbettello, you will find another road that takes you to the summit of Monte Argentario. At an altitude of approximately 273 meters, you will find a monastery of Padri Passionisti. It is a church from the 18th century that retains many relics of St. Paul. From this square, you can enjoy the best view of Argentario. Above it, you will find Punta Telegrafo at an altitude of 645 meters above sea level, from where you can see the islands of Giglio when the sky is clear.

Things to Do:

Cliff and Climbing:

Porto Santo Stefano has a wonderful vertical wall that overlooks the sea and is equipped with perfect climbing conditions. The wall is known as Capo d'Omo. When you reach the top of the ruins of the tower, you will receive a magnificent panoramic view.

Best Beaches:

Porto Santo Stefano is well recognized for its beaches that are many in number and vary in range. Though it has various options for beautiful beaches we can mention the Pozzarello and the Cantoniera as the best beaches. These beaches are made up of pebbles and sand. Caletta beach provides a bathing establishment and gives access to the bar and diving center.
Other beaches that can get you closer to the charm of the city are the Moletto, the Bagni di Domiziano, La Soda Beach, La Bionda Beach, Cala Grande beach, Cala Piccola beach, Mar Morto beach, Le Cannelle beach and Bagni di Domiziano beach. All these beaches are easily accessible by boat and land. You can spend a beautiful day while exploring the naturalistic value of these seashores.

Best Hotels and Restaurants:

There are many great hotels in and around Porto Santo Stefano. Packed with high-class amenities such as pools, terraces, air-conditioned rooms, seaside locations, spas, gardens, water sports facilities and more, these hotels give you a memorable stay in this tiny and beautiful town. You can book the most suitable accommodation in accordance with your budget and needs. Some of the great hotels in town include Bike&Boat Argentario Hotel, Hotel Alfiero, Hotel Villa Domizia, Hotel La Caletta, Mercure Argentario Hotel Filippo II, Baia D'Argento, Boutique Hotel Torre Di Cala Piccola, Argentario Golf Resort & Spa, Hotel Il Pellicano and A Point Porto Ercole Resort & Spa.
Book a table with one of the best restaurants and enjoy the finest taste of Porto Santo Stefano. The restaurants in the town are famous for appetizing seafoods that come at a reasonable price. The Italian taste of these restaurants will be remembered throughout your life. For the best dining experience, book your table at one of these restaurants, including La Stazioncina Bistro, Vecchia Pesa, Gourmet Con Gusto, Baia D'Argento, Il Gambero Rosso, Caccia e Pesca, La Torre d'Argento, Osteria La Pace and Tuscany Bay.
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