Genoa was once recognized as the most important harbor in the Mediterranean Sea. It was considered a strategically placed and powerful trade center in the north part of Italy, so the city has a special place in history. A leisurely exploration of Genoa aka Genova reveals a fascinating history. The birthplace of Christopher Columbus is filled with a plethora of sightseeing locations and other charms as well. In the past few years, the city has gained attention among travelers and it is currently a must-visit city in Italy.

Though it may not offer sanctity like Rome, romance like Venice and sophistication like Milan, it charms you with unique beauty along with stunning architecture, the Riviera, most priced jewels and a cuisine that is extremely gratifying. A glance at this amazing city will remind you of a freshly polished antique. If you have not yet finalized your Italy itinerary, you should surely add Genoa. Here's how you can make the most from your Genoa trip.

Places to visit in Genoa

Historic Genoa City Center:

Genoa City Center is best discovered on foot with your comfortable shoes on. Genoa City Center is amongst the largest medieval city centers in Europe. It boasts a long list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Visit Garibaldi Avenue to entertain yourself with 16th-century residences that have lavish gardens. It is known as the golden street by art history lovers.

The Opulent Palazzo Reale:

Head to Palazzo Reale - the regal palace built by the Babli family in the 17th-Century. It still amazes its visitors through original furnishings and art. The opulence of the palace symbolizes the evidence of the power that the family used to exercise. The terrace of the palace overlooks manicured gardens with a stunning ocean view, which adds more significance to your visit.

The Largest Aquarium In The Mediterranean:

This beautiful city possesses the biggest aquarium in the Mediterranean with 600 animals and 200 vegetal species. Take some time and make your way through the numerous exhibitions this aquarium offers. Do not forget to visit in the early morning when you can see dolphins playing around. The beauty of the aquarium mesmerizes every visitor.

Porto Antico:

Genoa is nestled between the waters and the hills. Take a look at the vertical and geometrical lines and enter the Old Port i.e. Porto Antico to experience an amazing view of the sea. Porto Antico is the heart of Genoa loved by all tourists. You can come here to enjoy a panoramic view and witness a beautiful sunset here.

Things to do in Genoa

Get Closer to The Beauty of Castelletto:

Castelletto is recognized as a metropolitan city of Genoa. Various elevators and funicular railways take you up or down-town. From a huge and wide terrace on beautiful hills, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the city. You will get to see everything - the alley and chimney, rooftops and the beautiful ocean view.

A Walk Among the Roses:

Nervi Parks in Genoa is definitely something we recommend you experience. It is 20 acres' of natural beauty that surrounds three most ancient villas. These parks are elevated and allow you to enjoy the beauty of the sea. Built on a romantic architectural theme, this wonderful complex is a mesmerizing blend of flora, fauna, and exotic plants. You may be lucky enough to witness the flowers blooming if you visit here in spring or early summer.

Old Neighbourhood of Boccadasse:

The original people of this area were the sailors and fishermen. It is said that Boccadasse got its name from the shape of the bay which appears to be like the open mouth of a donkey. It gives a postcard-like view of the city. This small and beautiful neighborhood has its own bay where fishing boats are docked and unloaded. The time before dusk makes the most favorable time to visit Boccadasse. Do not miss the experience to enjoy a glorious sunset and visit its’ nearby beaches.

Best Beaches in Genoa


This stunning pebbled beach features crystal clear water, a walkway running along the sea and tall houses with multi-colored facades make. This is another place we highly recommend our clients explore and visit during their charter.

San Fruttuoso di Camogli

You can easily access here coming from Camogli. It has a little bay of crystal-clear water and an abbey. It is amongst a few beaches in the world where you can swim with a majestic abbey behind you. It remains packed with some amazing bars and restaurants.

Baia dei Saraceni

Situating at the closest distance from Genoa, this beach is sandy and has the softest sad, white sunbeds and turquoise water. A visit to this amazing beach is satisfying and memorable. c

Boccadasse Beach:

If you want to go to sunbath near the city center, this beach is a perfect choice. This little fishing village is a little far from Genova, but if you are in the mood to relax on the beach than this place will be for you.

Best Restaurants and Hotels in Genoa

Le Cantine Squarciafico, Trattoria dell’Acciughetta, Le Cicale, Il Masetto, Zeffirino and Toe Drûe are some popular destinations you can visit for a fine dining experience during your stay in Genoa.

Grand Hotel Savoia, Hotel Continental Genova, Hotel Bristol Palace, Hotel De Ville, HNN luxury suits, Hotel Doria and Hotel Bel Soggiorno can be chosen to enhance your Genova experience with high-class accommodation.

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