Frequently asked questions

Planning a long term, private charter in Italy can be stressful. But don't worry! Our priority is to make it stress free for you by answering the most commonly asked questions. We will work , one on one with you to design and execute the most ideal vacation of your dreams.

What type of yacht should I charter?

At Yacht Charters Italy, we have a wide range of vessel options. We offer power yachts, motor yachts, sailing yachts, motorized and sailing catamarans, mega yachts and superyachts. The best vessel depends on your personal requirements, group size, ages, interests, places you want to visit, budget and unique needs. Contact our charter specialist to discuss your Italy itinerary and specific requirements so that we can suggest the best vessel for you and your group.

How do I book my yacht charter?

If you have decided Italy is your next vacation destination, make it a memorable one with a yacht charter excursion. Contact one of our charter experts and discuss your vacation plans, destinations you want to cover, type of yacht you would like, budget and size for your group. We will recommend the best charter solutions. Once you select your yacht, the next step is to read the agreement we send you and send it to us with your signature. As stated in the charter agreement, you must pay 50% of the total fee to book your charter. The remaining 50%, plus taxes and any additionally agreed charges, should be paid one month prior to arrival. We will send you the Preference Form, fill it out and email it to us so that we can get everything ready for you on the date of your arrival.

What type of clothing should I pack?

You can dress casually for your Italian private charter. We recommend you pack T-shirts or blouses, jeans, knee-length shorts, capris or skirts, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, cardigans/blazer, flip flops, evening dress, sandals and definitely swimsuit, shorts, and tank tops for beach hopping.

Where can we sail in Italy?

At Yacht Charters Italy, we offer charter excursions in a number of destinations including Venice, Greece, Genoa, Monaco and more. Check the full list of destinations in this link. Once you have decided on the destination you want to visit, our Captain and Crew will take you to those areas. Your itinerary will be tailored to your wishes, however, visits to certain destinations may be cancelled depending on weather and wind conditions. To book your yacht for the different locations in Italy, contact our expert to prepare your itinerary.

What type of drinks and food do you serve on a yacht?

Once you book your charter, we will send you a preference sheet to understand your likes and dislikes or special dietary requirements. Our yacht charters are fully stocked with local wines and beverages. You can choose whatever you want to drink and enjoy. We provide an experienced chef who will prepare dishes to suit your tastes and needs.

What if I want to cancel my charter?

Your charter agreement mentions rules and regulations for cancelling your charter. If we have to cancel your charter due to weather or any unforeseen condition, we will refund your entire amount. However, if you want to cancel your charter for any reason, we will deduct cancelation charges per your agreement. If you have purchased trip insurance through an outside company, it will protect you from the cancellation charges.

Can we customize my yacht charter itinerary?

Of course, you can! We want your Italian trip to be the best vacation of your life. From destinations, meals, drinks, to water activities you want to enjoy, everything can be customized to suit your taste and preferences. Call our yacht charter specialist at +1(702)816-6667 today to discuss your vacation needs.

Are children allowed on board your charter?

There is no age limit. You can bring children of any age on your private charter. However, they should be closely monitored by adults at all times. We do not provide childcare services onboard our charter. Make sure they wear life vests when partaking in water activities. If you are bringing your baby along with, do make sure you have proper baby food items with you as it is very difficult to find baby food in the supermarkets within the marinas.

When is the best time to travel to Italy?

Italy is a beautiful location that offers wonderful destinations to explore. While you can visit year-round, the best time to visit Italy is from April to June or September and October when there are moderate temperatures and a lower number of tourists. Come to Italy and see for yourself why it is the favorite tourist destination for millions of people worldwide. Call our charter specialist at +1(702)816-6667 now!

What are the extra expenses aboard a yacht charter?

We provide fully crewed yacht charters with modern amenities, meals, drinks and an experienced crew. Apart from the charter fee, you will have to pay local taxes, port or marina dues, wines, beers, drinks, meals, telecommunication and Internet costs but this all should be discussed in your contact or agreement. Different yachts have different amenities and different costs associated with them. All outstanding bills should be settled by you before your final disembarkation. We accept cash, PayPal, or credit cards. For more information about chartering a yacht, contact us at +1(702)816-6667.

Have more questions?

We are always available to answers any of your questions that regarding your future Nassau vacation, charter booking, packages, prices, and more. Contact our charter expert here.